The Mary Valley Heritage Railway
Here are some pics I took of the MVHR on Sunday 29th August 1999
Congratulations to the people of Gympie and all invoved in the restoration of this railway line.
(This is not the offical web site of the MVHR)

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Great music from the steam era live in the refreshment room.
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Scene from the ticket office and museum
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Inside the refreshment room. The ladies there do a great job serving tea and cakes before departure.
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Departure from Gympie
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Still trying to work out
what you're going to do
with that spare million
bucks you've got sitting in
the bank? Why not donate
it to the MVHR so they can
restore this engine.
An important piece of the
history of Queensland.
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Full steam ahead for Imbul.
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This hotel overlooks the railway station. Sit on that verandah and whatch the
 live steam action.
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Gympie is 180 kms north of Brisbane in Queensland Australia

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